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Bring a sustainable future to humankind

"In a chaotic world, laws and values are nurtured". In the face of the new world of rapid climate change, the mission of extreme entropy is to promote the change of energy field through the technology, so that human beings can truly have a sustainable future. We are committed to enable every organization and economic space to complete the intelligent carbon energy management to have a sustainable future.

AI-powered energy management expert

Based on optimal design and autonomous operation, The system creates more than 20% increase in energy field.

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Digital supervision

Micronetwork intelligence

Clean energy

Negative control optimization

Maximize revenue

Digital regulation of energy

Virtual power plant operation

Zero carbon energy optimization

Load control strategy optimization

Energy carbon trading service

Optimal energy planning

Independent energy dispatching

Energy cost optimization

Precise load control

Zero carbon area landing

Application Scenario

Enterprise-level green energy management scenarios

Global energy management

Smart Microgrid

Intelligent load control

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Park-level smart energy asset management scenarios

Zero Carbon Park Design

Virtual power plant

User-side intelligent management

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Industrial-level dual-carbon energy asset management scenario

Zero Carbon Area Design

Digital construction of energy system

User-side intelligent management

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Industry Accumulation

Extreme Entropy Technology has precipitated a set of powerful energy internet base with 8 years of accumulation. Through AI algorithms and effective invocation of data, machine entropy provides value management of the whole life cycle of planning, construction and operation for energy asset owners in high energy consumption scenarios, helping enterprises to reduce costs and increase revenue. Since its establishment, Extreme Entropy has been leading technological innovation with industrial and energy internet technologies as its grip, and actively promoting government policies and industrial changes.


The highest optimization rate of a single energy asset system is 29.4%, achieving the carbon reduction target of millions of tons

5000 +

Cumulatively served industrial enterprises and park customers 5000+

10,000,000 +

It can support 10000000+ energy devices to be connected at the same time, and guarantee system stability and operating efficiency

9999999 %

National Industrial Information Security Research Center report certification

The platform adopts the multi-redundant architecture design of the cloud edge, and the platform side provides reliable guarantee for data persistent storage based on the high-availability architecture

Unique Advantage

Optimal Design of Energy Assets

Top-level design led by academicians
Multiple national standard technology participating units
Planning simulation up to 95%

Autonomous operation of energy assets

Intelligent scheduling technology for optical storage charging
Digital Twin Autonomous Dynamic Monitoring
Electrical carbon trading docking

Full range of derivative services

Certification of carbon emission, trading and measurement
Auxiliary Declaration for Zero Carbon Benchmarking Demonstration
Project research and incubation of industry-university innovation

Powerful AI algorithm capability

First place in the International Algorithm Competition for 3 consecutive years
Deeply cultivated in the field of energy for 8 years, with 20+ patents
The platform has both scalability and ecological openness