AI-Driven Energy Asset Management Specialist


Communication protocol support


Data Acquisition Stability

Support high concurrent access


data reliability

Application Scenario

Enterprises facing

· Typical enterprise:

Manufacturing factory

Industrial Park

Office Park

Commercial Complex

· Typical scene:

The level of energy digitalization still needs to be improved

The proportion of clean energy needs to be optimized

There is an urgent need for dual-carbon target regulation

· Typical pain points:

Difficult to supervise global energy data

The path of energy structure adjustment is blurred

Lack of carbon emission calculation and evaluation methods

Typical value:

All-round energy digitalization

Company-wide energy diversification

Full path carbon emissions can be traced

Product Features

Support for multi-type modeling

Intelligent optimal regulation based on multi-objective

Real and reliable energy and carbon smart twin system

Global data at a glance

Product Architecture

Introduction to architecture

The dual-carbon smart energy management system, based on the collection and analysis of user global energy data, combined with distributed photovoltaic, energy storage and load control, realizes accurate calculation and prediction of carbon emissions, and achieves carbon tracking and carbon peak control.

Global energy data management: realize real-time dynamic supervision of all energy types data in the scene.

Smart micro-grid energy flow analysis: construct a smart energy micro-grid energy flow analysis and optimization strategy.

Dynamic tuning strategy optimization: optimal strategy regulation based on diversified data and algorithm models.

Accurate carbon emission trend control: Standard-compliant carbon tracking algorithm model helps carbon peak supervision.

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Product Advantages

Chain Intact

Covering energy supply, distribution/transportation, and use

Energy Informatization

Visible and controllable energy assets, reducing labor and equipment costs

Full Range

Various types of electricity, water, heat, cold, compressed air, etc.

Customer Case

The rate of return on energy assets of a well-known packaging company increased by 23%

A well-known packaging company is currently the largest supplier of reusable logistics packaging for and SF Express, and is also an important supplier of China Post. Its core production process needs to dissolve plastic particles through electric heating, and supply them to subsequent processes through wire drawing machines.

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