AI-Driven Energy Asset Management Specialist

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High-speed acquisition support frequency

Application Scenario

All manufacturing companies

Typical business:

Industrial manufacturing enterprises and industrial clusters that operate energy-consuming equipment but cannot grasp the energy consumption status and lack effective management methods. It can also be used by enterprises that are eager to optimize energy usage strategies, optimize energy consumption costs and operation and maintenance efficiency.

· Typical scene:

With energy-consuming power equipment

Production consumes a lot of energy

Lack of fine-grained device management

· Typical value:

Cloud management of device data

Precise statistics of power consumption

Precise coordination of maintenance and repair

Product Features

Project Management Cockpit

Visualization of equipment supervision

Equipment abnormal alarm and push

Device AI intelligent control report

Device intelligent control management

Equipment Comprehensive Efficiency Management

Mobile applet

Product Architecture

Introduction to architecture

Entropy cloud power equipment intelligent service cloud platform is a comprehensive Internet cloud platform integrating intelligent hardware, cloud platform and AI analysis, providing energy saving and consumption reduction and preventive maintenance services through intelligent operation.

Internet of Things for equipment: The Internet of Things architecture with independent intellectual property rights realizes the Internet of Things management of power equipment.

Intelligent data analysis: comparing data horizontally and vertically, implanting multi-dimensional analysis methods, and empowering data analysis.

Failure predictive maintenance: Based on full life cycle management, artificial intelligence technology is used to realize predictive maintenance.

Joint control of equipment clusters: Based on the optimal solution algorithm and intelligent control technology, unified joint control of multi-device clusters is realized.

Product Advantages

Technical point of view: fast and stable

Proprietary intellectual property hardware package

Extremely fast implementation, multi-network mutual switching

The software cluster architecture is stable and reliable

Algorithm perspective: new and excellent

Combining AI algorithm with industry experts,

Insight into problems and provide solutions

Help enterprises optimize energy consumption continuously

Data perspective: full and accurate

Horizontal coverage of multiple regions and industries

Vertically combine weather, policy and other data

More reliable data and more precise analysis

Customer Case

Energy Guarantee System for a Shipyard in the Yangtze River Delta

A Yangtze River Delta shipyard was established in 1999 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a listed company under China Media Industry Corporation. The factory covers an area of 5 million square meters and is one of the most large-scale, modern, professional and influential shipbuilding enterprises.

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