Product Features

Micro-grid terminal data collection

Photovoltaic inverter equipment control

Operation control of energy storage equipment

Energy Load Data Forecasting

Microgrid Operation Abnormal Monitoring

Collaboration between cloud and local operations

Product Architecture

Introduction to architecture

The intelligent micro-grid controller is the core control device on the local side of the energy micro-grid system. It has the basic functions of micro-grid adjustment and scheduling, and cooperates with the system platform to realize the optimal operation of the micro-grid.

Support millisecond-level micro-grid data collection to achieve high stability and high precision collection.

Support the overall docking and protocol control of the optical storage and charging system to realize micro-grid scheduling.

Output scheduling strategy based on multi-dimensional in-situ data and artificial intelligence algorithm model.

The edge terminal is used as the carrier to realize cloud-ground linkage, and the optimization algorithm is executed to the greatest extent.

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Product Advantages

Accurate sampling of data

System docking control

Run Policy Scheduling

Cloud and local collaborative optimization

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