Energy and carbon data center in a city

As a gathering place for key enterprises in Zhejiang, the city has more than a thousand enterprises above designated size that need energy monitoring.

Urban Energy Carbon Data Center

Urban "carbon double control"

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Energy management system of a well-known Internet enterprise park

The well-known Internet company joined hands with Extreme Entropy Technology to realize digital energy consumption management in 10 industrial parks across the country

The park covers a large area

Extensive energy management

Manual operation and maintenance, low efficiency, high cost, no intelligent early warning

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Energy system of a well-known industrial city park

Founded in 1957, the company now has 12 subsidiaries with relatively diversified industrial operations. It has gone through a brilliant entrepreneurial journey and has become a large-scale private enterprise group integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, and global trade.

Large area

There are many enterprises stationed here, and the energy consumption forms are different

There are obvious peak and valley power consumption

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The rate of return on energy assets of a well-known packaging company increased by 23%

This well-known packaging company is currently the largest supplier of reusable logistics packaging for and SF Express, and is also an important supplier of China Post.

Long-term high electricity bills

Unreasonable use of photovoltaics

Double carbon policy compliance

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