Product Architecture

Product Architecture

The multi-functional energy carbon analysis terminal is a multi-functional three-phase power analysis terminal. It is an intelligent analysis device for power monitoring, energy consumption statistics, and remote data transmission in application scenarios such as power systems, industrial enterprises, and park buildings.

The built-in GSM module can communicate through the GSM network and transmit the data collected by the terminal to the background.

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Product Advantages

It covers all kinds

Various types of electricity, water, heat, cold, compressed air, etc.

Built-in GSM module

Transfer the data collected by the terminal to the background

Easy to deploy and implement

Non-intrusive installation, easy hardware deployment

Product Features

Acquisition of all electrical parameters

Three-phase current collection, three-phase power collection, neutral current, positive and negative four-quadrant metering

Cable temperature collection

Residual current collection

Intelligent data upload

Data realizes 4g/5g wireless transmission, supports multiple communication protocols

Abnormal fault identification

Intelligently identify abnormalities and risks, and send early warnings in real time to reduce energy consumption risks

Millisecond recording analysis

Accurate identification and analysis of data, timely feedback information

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