Solution Architecture

Park-level smart energy asset solutions

The park scheme is mainly based on the global energy management platform to complete energy digitization, combined with the energy asset management system to realize energy asset scheduling, transportation inspection, and marketing, and to achieve an overall increase in profitability.

One-stop full energy data management: Its own property rights platform realizes stable and efficient access and supervision of energy data.

Centralized whole-platform energy efficiency application: Dynamic analysis of diversified and complex algorithm models and application empowerment park energy efficiency.

Innovative new energy asset income: The new energy system based on artificial intelligence strategy improves the energy income of the park.

Leading Carbon Tracing System Operation: Custom carbon emission boundaries and algorithmic logic fully empower the accuracy of carbon tracing.

Scene Pain Point

Security O&M efficiency needs to be improved

Energy consumption control needs to be precise

Energy supply channels need to be diverse

Energy asset income needs to be improved

Solution Advantage

Digital Energy Active Regulation

Effectively reduce the proportion of energy consumption

Improvement of energy guarantee capacity

Self-scheduling benefits of energy assets

Energy saving and emission reduction optimization system construction

Optimal Strategy Assistance for Electricity Market Transactions


Multi-channel energy operation and maintenance assistance

As long as the original sensor supports communication, it can be used

Near-zero energy consumption control

Access to more than 10,000 industrial enterprises, and gain an in-depth understanding of energy efficiency in various industries

Highly elastic energy microgrid scheduling

AI-driven in-depth algorithm empowers typical needs of various industries and scenarios

AI-Driven Energy Asset Management Specialist


Communication protocol support


Data Acquisition Stability

Ten thousand

Support high concurrent access

second level

Carbon emission data calculation cycle

Customer Case

Energy system of a well-known industrial city park

Energy system of a well-known industrial city park

A well-known industrial city was founded in 1957, and now has 12 subsidiaries. Its industrial operation is relatively diversified. It has gone through a brilliant entrepreneurial history and has become a large-scale private enterprise group integrating scientific research and development, manufacturing, and global trade.

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Application Scenario

·Typical industries and companies:

Manufacturing, logistics industry

Industrial Park Management Enterprise

Logistics Park Management Enterprise

Incremental distribution network park management enterprise

Small Micro Park Management Enterprise


· Typical pain points:

There is a lack of supervision on energy consumption data in the park

Low efficiency of energy operation and maintenance inspection

Energy asset investment income is low

Lack of zero-carbon park operation strategy


· Typical value:

Park Energy Digitization

Energy operation and maintenance security

Maximize Energy Gains

Zero-carbon operation of the park






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