Product Features

Accurate data collection

Data sampling and cleaning

Data Security Encryption

Millisecond upload cycle

Edge computing processing

Remote command control

Network autonomous switching

Remote automatic upgrade

Product Architecture

Introduction to architecture

The smart gateway is used for energy data collection. It collects, preprocesses and summarizes field device data and sends it to the cloud. It supports more than 100 common communication protocols and data link communications such as 4G/5G/WiFi/Ethernet.

Support more than 100 kinds of communication docking protocols to realize the access and control of various devices.

It supports data link communication such as 4G/5G/WiFi/Ethernet, and has a wide range of application scenarios.

Supports a variety of custom complex edge computing logic, and deeply expands application scenarios.

Support remote control command execution, and realize intelligent control by docking with a variety of controlled devices.

Product Advantages

Multiple protocol access

Multiple channels of communication

Complex Edge Computing

Remote reverse control

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