AI-Driven Energy Asset Management Specialist


Communication protocol support


Data Acquisition Stability


Support high concurrent access

second level

Carbon emission data calculation cycle

Application Scenario

· Typical industry:

textile industry

Chemical Industry

Energy and Power

Manufacturing Industry

Cement Industry

· Typical pain points:

Energy data management lags behind

Energy efficiency optimization lacks a grasp

New energy revenue growth is weak

Low-carbon transformation cannot be implemented

· Typical value:

The level of energy digitalization has been significantly improved

There are various energy efficiency management methods

The proportion of clean energy has increased significantly

Enterprise zero-carbon transformation is steadily implemented

Scene Pain Point

Energy digital infrastructure lags behind

Single means of energy safety management

Energy structure optimization path needs to be clarified

Energy saving and emission reduction ideas need to be clear

Energy Trading Strategies Require Smart

Program Value

Global energy digital infrastructure construction

Precise energy use safety early warning operation and maintenance

New energy system planning and construction

Intelligent Microgrid Optimal Scheduling Operation

Dual Carbon Dynamic Monitoring Prediction Analysis

Electric carbon trading auxiliary strategy service

Solution Architecture

Enterprise-level green energy management solutions

Enterprise solutions, based on global energy digital technology and relying on a powerful information platform, build an overall enterprise-level energy asset management platform to lead enterprise customers to realize energy asset value-added.

Global Energy Digitization: One-stop solution to meet the needs of energy digitalization and build a foundation for energy lean management.

Lean energy operation: Comprehensively improve the energy scheduling and supervision capabilities of enterprises, and help fine management.

Enterprise energy cleanliness: Optimal planning of new energy systems to increase the proportion of clean energy in enterprises.

Clarity of double carbon landing: Based on the standard calculation model and forecasting model, it assists in the peak landing of carbon reduction.


Multi-channel energy operation and maintenance assistance

Near-zero energy consumption control

Highly elastic energy microgrid scheduling

High Yield Energy Asset Operations

Customer Case

Energy Guarantee System for a Shipyard in the Yangtze River Delta

Energy Guarantee System for a Shipyard in the Yangtze River Delta

A Yangtze River Delta shipyard was established in 1999 and is a listed company under China State Shipbuilding Corporation. The factory covers an area of 5 million square meters. It is one of the most large-scale, modern, professional and influential shipbuilding enterprises, and the "No. 1 brand" of Chinese ship export.

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