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risk failure loss


short-term optimization


long-term optimization

Application Scenario

Enterprises that urgently need to optimize energy consumption

· Typical Enterprise

Manufacturing factories, industrial parks and other enterprises with high energy consumption or facing pressure on energy use, urgently need to adjust energy use strategies.

Office parks, commercial complexes and other scenarios with large space for energy optimization, as well as enterprises that need to improve operation and maintenance efficiency and ensure power safety can also provide targeted s solution.

· Typical scene

Energy management lacks digital supervision

Energy consumption diagnosis lacks basic analysis

Lack of targeted measures for energy efficiency optimization

The cost of energy consumption needs fine-grained control

· Typical pain points

Energy consumption statistics are difficult

Security exception response delay

Energy optimization is blurry

Complex and inefficient management

Product Features

Real-time monitoring of energy data

Configurable centralized control center

Abnormal alarm and management early warning

Energy efficiency analysis comparison

Energy Loss Management

AI analysis report

Custom Reporting Tool

Work Order Inspection Tool

Product Architecture

Introduction to architecture

Dr. Entropy Energy Management Consultant is an infrastructure platform for energy digital management, providing users with system tools ranging from energy data IoT to energy consumption data analysis, to energy management applications and AI energy efficiency analysis.

Multi-protocol IoT access: It supports more than 100 kinds of IoT protocol docking, which can realize the access of most terminal devices.

High concurrency data analysis: supports million-level real-time data access, and realizes dynamic stream processing and batch processing in parallel.

Multi-dimensional energy efficiency application: According to multi-dimensional energy consumption data statistics such as time and space, maximize empowerment management.

Great Wisdom Algorithm Analysis: Implant expert knowledge into the system, and use artificial intelligence algorithms to dig deep into the value of energy data.

Product Advantages

High quality data collection

Support viewing anytime, anywhere

Intelligent second-level calculation

Customer Case

Well-known Internet enterprise park energy management system

The company is a technology-driven platform that includes digital commerce, financial technology, smart logistics, cloud computing, cultural relations, cultural entertainment and other scenarios, serving hundreds of millions of consumers and tens of millions of small and medium-sized enterprises.

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